CCG Board

Governing Board

The CCG Governing Board is responsible for the deployment of capital and oversight of loan and investment origination policies. The Governing Board reviews and evaluates every transaction and periodically assesses performance and status of the New Market Tax Credit portfolio.

Advisory Board

The CCG Advisory Board plays a central role in identifying potential projects for Commonwealth Cornerstone Group investments. All of its members come from entities whose primary missions are either to serve low income communities or to serve the needs of the Commonwealth generally, including its low income communities and people.

The CCG Advisory Board consists of seven members, all of which are low income community representatives who bring capital markets expertise, community development and business underwriting experiences, access to alternative funding sources, risk management and resident and community education, policy and support.

The Advisory Board meets a minimum of two times each year to evaluate criteria and review benchmarks for success of the program. In addition, they participate in the regional and local community meetings, helping to survey the needs of the residents of the low income community neighborhoods and providing the correlated data to the Governing Board with their assessment.