Commonwealth Cornerstone Group's mission is to support and enhance community and economic development efforts in core urban, minor urban, and rural communities throughout the Commonwealth.

Who We Are

The Commonwealth Cornerstone Group ("CCG") is a mission-driven nonprofit established by the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency to enhance, strengthen and revitalize low-income communities throughout Pennsylvania and to stimulate economic opportunities for low-income residents through the creation of jobs, enhancement of wealth and the provision of services within these communities.

Years of disinvestment in commercial corridors throughout the state have created unstable neighborhoods where jobs are scarce, where people with the means to do so have relocated from town centers to the suburbs, and where there is decayed retail opportunity, limited access to healthcare and inadequate facilities for community services. CCG is highly committed to its goal of targeting these neighborhoods to identify and fund properties and businesses located in key sites that can serve as "cornerstones" for neighborhood revitalization.

By providing capital where none now exists, by stretching state and local program resources and by leveraging the benefits provided through the New Markets Tax Credits program, CCG provides the catalyst to community and economic growth to diverse communities throughout the Commonwealth. CCG and its financing programs foster economic improvement, urban revival, and preservation of historic Main Street communities that are the core of Pennsylvania's heritage.